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Welcome to the Whiston Parish Council Website

Whiston is a picturesque village located in South Yorkshire, close to the town Rotherham. It has a population of approximately 5,000 people. The Council’s members are elected by residents, and represents the first tier of local government which is closest to it’s people.

Whiston Parish Council is committed to working for the good of the whole of Whiston Parish and wants to hear your views on what we should be doing to support the local community. Please take a moment to explore the village and let us know any thoughts you may have.  All your ideas are welcomed.

The ethos of Whiston Parish Council is to foster community well being, to support the upkeep and attraction of the village and its facilities through committed effort, open dialogue and sound balanced reasoning.

The Parish Council mission is to help to provide a clean, pleasant environment in which the Parishioners of Whiston are proud to be part of and live, want to uphold and also to ‘show off’ to visitors from near and far.

The Parish Council is funded by receiving a small amount of the local ‘Council Tax’. This is referred to as a the Parish Precept and with this monies the Parish Council seeks to maintain the assets of the village such as the Parish Hall, Cowrakes field and playground, the Manorial Barn, the flower borders and grass verges around the village, land owned by the Parish Council and many other facets of village life.

The Parish Council also helps by providing support to community initiatives, events and groups.