Council Meetings

Agendas & Minutes

All the agendas and minutes from Parish Council meetings from 2017 are available to download.
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Parish Council meetings are held throughout the year to discuss Whiston Parish Council business.  All Whiston Parish councillors are invited to attend.  The Parish Council meets at the Parish Hall, located on Well Lane, Whiston, S60 4HX. The Council sits once a month, generally on the third Monday thereof (except for August). At the monthly Council sitting, the Parish Councilors are joined by the Ward Councilors of the Sitwell ward of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. A meeting of the Council starts at 18.30 and is commonly subdivided into two parts, these being for the discussion of general and confidential matters.

General matters are matters relating to everyday village life, such as the discussion of planning applications in the village, police reports, and upcoming village events. Parishioners are most welcome to attend this part of a Council meeting, where they are allowed to listen and consider the course of the meeting, yet are prohibited from asking direct questions of Council discussions. However, at the start of a Council meeting, time is set-aside for the Council to accept and discuss, direct questions from Parishioners and the general public.

Confidential matters are general business matters of the Parish Council such Parish Council employee conditions etc. Ward Councilors, Parishioners and the persons of the general public are not allowed to be present in the Council Chamber during this period of a council meeting.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas for Council meetings are published three working days before the meeting takes place. Minutes are approved as part of the agenda for the subsequent Council meeting. Agendas and minutes can be seen online. Reports about items which are confidential and discussed in exempt are not available.

Getting Involved

You can ask a question prior to a Council meeting by contacting the clerk or during a period of the meeting that allows for public participation.